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1964 Bachelor of Engineering Degree, Civil Engineering Department, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich.

1964-1966 Design Engineer with A & W Ruprecht Consulting Engineers in Baden, Switzerland. Design of precast concrete buildings and prestressed concrete bridges.

1966-1967 Design Engineer with Bridge Section of Highways and Local Government Department of South Australia. Design of reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete and steel framed bridges. Completed computer Training Course in Fortran Programming.

1967-1968 Project Engineer for the Prestressing Contract for the Mitchell Freeway in Perth with BBR Australia Pty Ltd, Prestressed Concrete Company in Melbourne. Setting up and managing new branch office in Perth, co-ordination with other contractors and designers.

1968-1969 Design Engineer with Nabalco Pty Ltd. Planning and design of a number of precast concrete buildings and structures in stage 1 of the township of Nhulunbuy. Design of structural steel framing of various factory buildings, conveyor bridges, pipe bridges, plant structures and the like for the bauxite treatment plant in Gove N.T.

1969 Joined Colin Roy Kneebone, Consulting Engineer in Parramatta as an Associate.

1971-date Director in Kneebone & Beretta Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd, Parramatta. Responsibilities in the firm include dealing with clients, carrying out structural designs for every variety of structure, supervising designs of other engineers, overseeing the preparation of drawings and reports, maintenance of 1st class quality control, hiring of staff as well as provision of education and training, development of in-house design aids and standards, inspections of construction processes and problems, reporting to authorities and legal bodies, cost control, maintenance of profitability and general management. Since its inception the firm has carried-out over 50,000 different commissions up to 1995.

1973 Establishment of a branch office in Penrith and becoming one of its directors under the name of Kneebone, Beretta and Hall Pty Ltd. This firm essentially carried-out the same type of work as the head office although there is more emphasis on smaller jobs.


  • 1968 Completed study course on stress corrosion in prestressing high tensile steel wires.
  • 1976 Examination of problems in ski lift construction in the Snowy Mountains, visit to Staedeli Lift AG in Switzerland and Doppelmayr Lifts in the United States.
  • 1978 Study Tour of Ice Skating Rinks and their construction in Switzerland, France and the United States.
  • 1980 Attendance at seminar on space frames at University of Technology, Sydney, and examination of import opportunities for 'Varitec Systems' from Switzerland.
  • 1982 Attainment of Private Pilots Licence.
  • 1983 Study of car parking machines from Brownbuilt and Stienen & Troehler from Bern, Switzerland.
  • 1984 Attendance at seminar on prestressed concrete design and construction at University of Technology Sydney.
  • 1985 Attainment of Class 1 Instrument Rating as Private Pilot.
  • Attendance at seminar and inspection of construction of Mooney Mooney Bridge in NSW.
  • 1986 Study and testing of elongations and breaking strength of prestressing strands from Brazil at University of Technology Sydney.
  • 1987 Giving a lecture of engineering practices in Australia to the Association of Former Students at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.
  • 1989 Attendance at two seminars on on-site detention by the Swinburne Institute of Technology, Melbourne.
  • 1989 Attendance at two lectures on integrated computer design and drafting by the Standards Association of Australia.
  • 1990 Inspection of Newcastle earthquake damage and attendance of Association of Consulting Structural Engineers Seminar.
  • 1991 Attendance at the International Symposium of Modern Applications of Prestressed Concrete in Beijng. (ISMAPC 91)
  • Attendance at the 1991 Annual Conference of the "Federation Internationale des Ingineurs Conseilles" (FIDIC) in Tokyo and participation in workshops on Re-cycling, Hazardous Waste, Security, Quality Management, Education and Training, and Promotion.
  • Attendance at seminar & site visit of the Seto Ohashi Bridges in Japan.
  • 1992 Attendance at International Association for Bridges and Structural Engineering (IABSE) Conference in Davos, Switzerland on Structural Euro-Codes.
  • Completed course on design of stormwater drainage and detention systems using ILSAX computer modelling program.
  • Attendance of Quality Management Workshop by the NSW Public Works Department.
  • 1993 Attendance at Seminar on Limit State Design of Aluminium Structures at University of Sydney.
  • Attendance of ACEA Seminar regarding Design and Construct Contracts with Government.
  • Attendance at Seminar for the Introduction of Australian Standard AS1170.4-1993 on Earthquake Loading by the Standards Association of Australia.
  • Preparation of a Quality Management System for the Kneebone & Beretta Consulting Engineering Group.
  • 1994 Attendance at ACEA Seminar on masonry construction restrictions under new Earthquake Code.
  • Attendance at the 1994 Annual Conference of the "Federation Internationale des Ingineurs Conseilles" (FIDIC) in Sydney and participation in workshops on Non-Traditional Consulting Services, Value Pricing and Quality Based Selection of Consulting Engineers.
  • 1995 Member of Standards Committee BD/80 -"Curtain Walls". Involved in development and drafting of AS/NZS4284:1995, "Testing of building facades".
  • Attendance at the 1995 Annual Conference of the "Federation Internationale Des Ingineurs Conseilles" (FIDIC) in Istanbul and participation in workshops on "Megacity Developments" and Challenges to the Consulting Engineering Sector".
  • Overhaul and extension of the Quality System of the Kneebone & Beretta Consulting Engineering Group to comply with AS/NZ ISO 9001-1994.
  • 1996 Member of Standards Committees BD/14- "Metal Cladding" and "Domestic Garage Doors".
  • Presented an ACSE Seminar on "Council Checking" in NSW.
  • Attendance of the 1996 Annual Conference of the "Federation Internationale Des Ingineurs Conseilles" (FIDIC) in Capetown, South Africa.
  • 1997 Attendance at the Conference by the ACEA on "The Internet and its Application to Consulting Engineers".
  • Attendance at the 1997-ACEA/ACENZ - Joint Regional Conference in Cairns on "The Global Infrastructure: Engineering a Better Environment".
  • 1998 Organised and chaired a conference on Badgery’s Creek Airport-Proposal convened by the Chambers of Commerce Federation of NSW.
  • Attendance at the 1998 Annual Conference of the "Federation Internationale Des Ingineurs Conseilles" (FIDIC) in Edmonton, Canada.
  • Attendance at the 1998 ACEA - National Conference on "New Developments in Technology".