Lord Nelson Hotel

Lord Nelson Hotel


In 1998, our accountant Mike Gilbert asked Kneebone & Beretta for assistance to submit a construction certificate to the City of Sydney Council following their development consent to add another floor to the Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel.

We recommended they engage the architectural firm of Gazzard Sheldon Architects with whom we had worked earlier on an extension to the heritage listed office building called Lisgar House.

The Lord Nelson is surrounded by another historical building which serves as the head office of Multiplex Constructions Pty Ltd and so Multiplex more or less insisted that they be the builders and all consultants became then subcontractors in a design and construct arrangement.

The challenges to maintain operation of the public bar during the reconstruction of the central core and kitchen as well as the addition of another hotel floor were numerous.  To the credit of Multiplex project managers the job was completed in time and to budget.

The photograph of the hotel prior to alteration work and the newspaper snippet with a picture of the building after the work is an excellent proof of how the historic character of the building has been preserved.


 Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel after the third-floor addition.