Vietnamese Stupa, Wetherill Park

Vietnamese Stupa, Wetherill Park


After designing half the roadway and the carparking area for the United Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation, Kneebone & Beretta was called upon to assist in developing a stupa on the site of the Phuoc Hue Buddhist Monastery in Wetherill Park.

Fairfield Council had approved such a development 3 years earlier but that consent had expired and Council had become less than enthusiastic to consent to such a structure which they could not classify and found to be foreign to their planning rules.

After some hearings before an independent development board the building was approved.  Kneebone & Beretta chose to design each floor as a column free reinforced concrete slab with a single stairway in the corner.  The slabs were designed to accommodate cabinets which will contain the ashes of deceased monks and members of the Buddhist Committee.

The seven storey building in Vietnamese style is overlooking a large part of Wetherill Park and Buddhist relics located on the top floor will beam their aura of goodwill over western Sydney.

The building was officially opened by the then Minister of Immigration, The Hon. Philip Ruddock MP and Kneebone & Beretta were presented with a gift of appreciation for their contribution.


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