Different materials and different types of construction such as brick veneer, double brick, timber or other lightweight materials may be selected depending on the client's needs, site constraints, and local planning rules and regulations.

A typical construction diagram is shown below:

Typical construction diagram showing important features.

These are the typical choices in construction methodology and material types:

A. Full brick (Single brick) internal walls, cavity brickwork and external walls;

Example of full brick construction.

B. Brick veneer (timber framed with non-load bearing brick external veneer);

Example of brick veneer construction.

C. Timber or steel framed;

D. Pole framed;

Example of pole frame construction.

E. Concrete structure with main supporting walls of cast in-situ or precast panels; or,

F. Light weight construction (framed with timber, steel or polystyrene panels), generally used on sunroom or screened enclosures and relocatable buildings.

In any case, whenever a designer of a building needs advice on the structural system for his building please contact Kneebone & Beretta Group on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and an engineer will get back for your assistance.