The structural design of an open frame to carry components of systems or pipework for special processes or conveying material needs to take into account the specific requirements of the process designer so as to be able to provide access for operation and maintenance as well as ensuring rigidity and strength to resist heavy superimposed loads from equipment and containers. The vertical and horizontal bracing systems should be adequate to prevent sway in the north-south and east-west directions as well as to resist twisting and distortion.

An example of an open steel framed building


The firm has been providing structural engineering services to Fowlerex Technologies Pty Ltd formerly MetalCraft Environmental Systems Pty Ltd, since 1995. They requested our assistance with the construction of a new bag filter at Port Kembla on behalf of BHP.

Working in close co-operation with the client’s engineering team we have designed all structural elements in the systems including inlet ducts, outlet stacks, bag houses, framing and cladding, fan ducts, access stairs and platforms, supporting framework and foundations.

The Bag filter structure at Port Kembla required the steelwork to be designed for movements caused by the high temperatures of the air that is extracted via a high vacuum system from the smelter exhaust and sucked-up to the top atrium before driven down to the bottom of the outlet stacks via some 2000 bags that remove most of the soot and then released into the atmosphere at some 30 metres height.

Many other projects of greater and lesser magnitude have been completed successfully by this team for plants in Queensland, Western Australia, New South Wales and further a field in Thailand, Philippines and Chile reflecting the growing worldwide demand for clean air technology.

The photographs below illustrate the completed structures for the $10m Port Kembla Steelworks No. 3 B.O.S. Secondary Dedusting Plant Pulse Flow Bag Filter.


bag-filter-2-tn bag-filter-3-tn

In any case, whenever a designer of an industrial building needs advice on the structural system for his building please contact Kneebone & Beretta Group on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and an engineer will get back for your assistance.